Hydroseeding + Dredging

+ Dredging

Many stormwater contractors provide limited service offerings and only understand the basics of the business. RPS Environmental teams provide specialized solutions to the intricate environmental problems our clients face and have the heavy equipment to bring about the best results possible. Dredging, for example, is a complicated process that is used to deepen waterways, ponds and channels and can be performed mechanically with scooping excavators or hydraulically with pumps. Our certified professionals have been trained by the best dredging experts in the country and possess the highly specific know-how to perform these tasks successfully.

Hydroseeding is another sophisticated process that requires skillful and well-trained operators. An often-overlooked aspect of many construction projects, hydroseeding improves both the appearance and the long-term condition of land and reduces future erosion while providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to deteriorating soil conditions.

These examples of RPS Environmental’s unique capabilities are just a few of the reasons we’ve enjoyed a stellar reputation in our industry for over 20 years.

Construction Equipment

  • Caterpillar 324DL Excavators (62’ Reach)
  • Finn T75 Hydroseeders
  • John Deere 260E Articulated Dump Truck

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