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Hurricane Florence Cleanup

A week before Hurricane Florence made her slow, crushing journey through The Carolinas, we began receiving phone calls from our panicked clients. If the storm continued on her predicted route, they asked, how should they prepare? And even more importantly, how would they deal with the aftermath? As Florence lumbered toward Southeastern North Carolina the Enviro team sprung into action.

The Landfall Council of Associations sits on a 2200 acre coastal area in Wilmington and maintains over 2000 home sites. Prior to Florence’s September 14th arrival a dedicated first response Enviro crew handled the storm prep and remained on-site during the days-long storm. The team began clearing the Landfall roadways of fallen trees and debris even as Flo’s eye passed overhead. As a result, emergency vehicles were able to respond to the residents in crisis even before the storm had moved on.

For the two days following the devastating Hurricane, Enviro was one of the few organizations that possessed the equipment and experience needed to begin the recovery. Within 72 hours we had a crew of over 50 specialists mobilized and working full-time on site. Within a few weeks we had completed roadside cleanup, making multiple passes through every neighborhood and clearing debris as it was discarded. Now that we’re six weeks post-Flo we are concentrating on vertical pruning and clearing common areas and are starting the work to safeguard the property against future damage. To date we have  amassed over 120,000 cubic yards of debris and are adding more every day. Enviro is helping the Landfall community get back to normal and will soon prepare to face the next monster storm….right around the corner.

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